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1. After you have defined internally the need for an intern and meet the eligibility requirements, we schedule a meeting with the representative of your organization.

2. During our face to face visit in Bali or Jakarta, we will have a better understanding the working conditions of the prospected intern. It is important to give the intern a clear understanding what to expect. During the meeting we will explain our role in the process and any unanswered questions can be answered.

3. A legal MoU will be signed between your organization and our company.

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4. After the Legal agreement has been signed between your organization and our company, we will source suitable candidate(s) for you. By the time we have detected a suitable candidate, we provide customized profiles based on your requirement to make the perfect match.

5.  Upon your approval there will be an interview conducted between you and the prospected intern.

6.   The intern will provide the educational institution for approval. Documents from the educational institution need to be filled out.  

7. After getting green light, the educational institution will send the  3-party agreement between the educational institution, intern and your organization. Our legal department will conduct a legal check to ensure it is in compliance with Indonesian immigration law no.6 /2011 and Indonesian labor law no. 13./2003 


8. During the operational stage, we will assist the intern with necessary preparations like:

a. visa application instructions & the visa extensions procedure

b. housing options near your company

c. local transportation, insurance & communication tools

d. cultural preparation

d. Schedule and planning

Your organization will also be requested to hand over necessary legal documentation needed for the visa application.

9. After all matters are handled the intern will come to Indonesia where he/she will be picked up and guided during the program..

10. Our staff will be in close touch with your organization & the intern to monitor and evaluate the process during the visits. Further, our visa staff takes over the visa extensions at the local immigration office located near to the place of stay of the intern.

11. Regular reports will be made to the educational institution by the Intern. At the end of the internship contract you will submit a final grade for an internship,

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Schedule an appointment with our professional consultants to arrange a company visit in Jakarta or in Bali.

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