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1.   Your organization has minimum 5 employees

2. You are able to present your organization's mission and  structure;

3. You appoint a qualified person in charge for supervising the intern (Qualified means: min. bachelor's degree level or sufficient working experience;

4. Your company has a defined project/assignment based on a specific need;

5. Your organization makes a Planning of activities to be conducted by the intern; (we can give you many sample assignments)

6. You will able to inform in what way the general reporting is done, to who and in what form;

7. You ensure that the staff that the intern is working with are able to communicate in English or speak in any language similar to the intern;

8. Your organization has a legal permit to operate in Indonesia under a PT./CV./UD/PD/Firma/Koperasi/BUMN or Yayasan;

9.  Documents like Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB), NPWP, IL (Izin Lokasi), IU (Izin Usaha) & a local KTP of a representative of your organization are still valid at the time the international intern will do the internship; 

10. You think about ways how your organization can inspire the intern.

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Schedule an appointment with our professional consultants to arrange a company visit in Jakarta or in Bali. All our consultants are fluent in Bahasa and English.

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